Risk Assessment

As part of any good planning process hazards should be identified and risks assessed and controlled to minimize the potential for injury or harm. Events vary in size, nature and type, but all events require assessment, control and monitoring of risks.

Featured on numerous news broadcast, Jon Simon, lends his expert analysis and assessment of vulnerabilities for events, both large and small. Jon also assesses corporations and residential communities for public safety concerns.

Some of the areas of assessment:

Major Incident/Safety Plan

  • What could be the worst case scenario? What provision needs to be made for emergency services? What will be the procedure for summoning assistance? How will they get into and out of the site? Provision of first aid/medical facilities. Who is responsible, who would do what, have discussions been held with Police and Fire/Medical personnel?

Health & Safety Concerns

  • Ensure that contractors employed to set up/strike stands, exhibits, marquees, etc. submit appropriate health and safety policies, risk assessments and method statements.

Traffic Control

  • Are roads needing to be closed? What about parking facilities and access for vehicles, not only on the day of the event but before and after. Is there a need for access by large vehicles. Are any parts of the site unsuitable for vehicular traffic because of soft or uneven ground? What traffic routes will be needed? What effect will the event have on traffic passing the site or on local parking?

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