Event Staffing

We believe in being obsessed to be excellent - which creates meaningful experiences for your guest, which are your most valuable assets.

From the moment your guest arrive in the area of your event or trade show, they're forming their opinions of their experience. Whether it's the traffic control officers, parking lot attendants or ticket takers, SPG stresses that patrons be greeted with warm enthusiasm and a genuine smile. Our job is to ensure that the experience begins on a positive note.

We consistently stress the importance of our Event Staff to arrive on-time - every time. Once on site, Simon Event Staff is expected to work hard and help you hit your expectations.

Our management team works behind the scenes to ensure you have a smooth process. We handle interviews, training and reporting and provide you with a timely invoice.

Simon Event Staffing provides:

  • Badge Printer Clerks
  • Bonded Cashiers
  • Booth Hosts & Sales Assistants
  • Conference Assistants
  • Exhibit Booth Sales Office Assistants
  • Greeters
  • Hosts/Hostesses
  • Information Desk Hosts
  • Line Monitors
  • Materials Distribution
  • Registration Managers
  • Registration Clerks
  • Room Monitors
  • Translators
  • Ushers

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