Simon Difference

Simon Difference


Guest-friendly, resident-friendly, client-friendly. At Simon Protection & Event Staffing, we first believe in treating our employees in a professional manner, which carries over to our staff treating our clients and their residents or guest in a respectable and positive manner. SPG's management is always available to our clients and staff. We are flexible and responsive when an issue does arrive and we work to resolve it quickly.

Security: SPG is very selective in the hiring of its security personnel. While we receive hundreds of applicants, we choose to select only those that meet our tough personal character and appearance policy.

Event Staff: Guest services, Ushers, Ticket Takers, are all part of our Event Staffing Team. We believe in exceptional guest services, and we emphasize courteous treatment in all our training and materials. We strive to make sure our client and guest experiences are unforgettable.

Experience: Simon Protection Group (SPG National) is staffed with employees who has previous experience in high level staffing. In fact, SPG’s Project Manager, Ericka Cole was heavily submersed in assisting Human Resources with developing the SLS Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas) team during its opening in 2014.

Quality Control:  We ensure the best customer service when we are tasked to staff an event. You can come to any Simon event, property, movie shoot, or trade show and you will find Simon a professional team member and/or manager present. We want our clients to focus on their event and our the residents we protect to feel secure 24/7.

Customer Service: Simon prides itself on the ability to be promptly available to our clients within in minutes of receiving a call. Simon staffs our corporate office from 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday thru Friday and available for emergency staffing calls on the weekends to ensure the best in customer service.